This is YOUR moment.

Here it is, the day before an Ironman. YOUR Ironman!  Literally hours to go before you find yourself on the beach, the journey to the red carpet stretched out in front of you. I am green with envy, I know exactly how you are feeling right now and I wish I was lining up on the start line tomorrow. But I’m not. YOU are!

So…I will be watching you. Make me proud. Tomorrow is YOUR day. It’s what you’ve trained for, sweated for, sacrificed for. It’s all come to this, this space in time. Realize what a wonderful privilege lies in front of you. Only a minuscule number of people ever get to do what you are about to. Feel the goosebumps, that ball of nerves in your stomach, the dry feeling in your mouth. The quickening heart beat, and the tension in your body.  This. is. it.

You are ready.

the Red Carpet, waiting for YOU!

the Red Carpet, waiting for YOU!

I wish you the day of your dreams tomorrow. May your goals be achieved, your aspirations reached. May you find courage, perseverance, and may your true character be revealed. Dig deep.

Above all else have fun, savour every moment, and do your best. Because your best is all you can expect from yourself. Rock it tomorrow, and don’t you dare give up! Seize the race by the balls!


YOU are about to become….AN IRONMAN!

Good Luck

Richard 🙂


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