When English just isn’t English

78dfb96e26b22cb14d0473e10ade725cDo you wish to communicate effectively, to be understood ? Then choose your words carefully.

I was recently exposed to a particularly irritating cockalorum who bloviates. This in turn exposed me to be a complete troglodyte. Well figuratively speaking anyway. Where had I been hiding that I couldn’t recognize words that apparently form part of my home language?

The more I listened to this man, the more I felt he was speaking flibbertigibbet. Quite frankly, I prefer my conversationalists to be female with a voluptuous form and a callipygian backside if I have no interest in what they have to say. Bugger the discombobulated use of a language which has in my opinion evolved substantially.
Admittedly, this blog is a batrachomyomachy and might very well leave you feeling like you are anencephalous.


865663englishspokenhereThe power of language is immense. Words create a connection or disconnect. Chosen incorrectly your words can alienate you from your listener. So make sure that you pitch your use of language at the person who is listening to you or risk being seen as a panjandrum.

in other words…

Yo dude, cut the crap and speak my English. Life’s about where the takkie hits the tar so get your ass back down to earth! You ain’t impressing no one.


2 thoughts on “When English just isn’t English

  1. Rosemary says:

    Agree – but please let’s not mutilate our beautiful language with appalling pronunciation.

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