I’m a victim

ImageThe easiest decisions in life are often the ones that enable you be claim to be a victim. Most times you think you didn’t make the choice either. Life just handed you that deal. And let’s be honest, sometimes it might well have.

But it’s always a choice to either accept your fate or decide to change it, and its often incredibly hard to stand up for yourself and make yourself the priority. The consequences sometimes seem so harsh and the road so tough. Somehow, its just easier to give in and moan about how bad things are.

If that’s where you find yourself, be strong. And make a choice for you. Or, at the very least, make a conscious decision not be to a victim. Its ultimately about taking responsibility for yourself.


If you know whats important to you, really important, you know deep down inside which battles are worth fighting. Fear is what stops you, but

YOU are always worth the fight.

4 thoughts on “I’m a victim

  1. Lizette Owen says:

    Wow – love this!! I’m paticularly good at : 1) feeling sorry for myself 2) saying life handed me this and 3) avoiding the hills.

    Time to do some work on this level: here goes!!!!

  2. Perfect length for people (like me), with ADD. An insightful, snappy read. Point cogently made. I’ll notify Seth Godin that he has a competitor. This is writing designed for the internet age. Excellent morsel of wisdom.

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