The Rabbit Hutch Negotiations

Sometimes the problem with a relationship is that there are two of you. And whilst two can be extremely good for a number of things, it can be bad when it comes to decision making.

Like making important decisions such as getting the kids some bunny rabbits.

I think that they need some…and she doesn’t agree.

bunniesThe girls are sold on the idea, hell it was their idea to start with. When they heard we were moving to a new house the first question they asked was “Can we have bunnies now?”

Being the terrific negotiator that I am I immediately dispelled the notion with “we will have to see about that.”

It would appear that my ‘no’ wasn’t a strong enough ‘no’. Because they asked again when we moved in, with those eyes that only little girls, actually scrap that…ALL girls of ANY age have mastered. The eyes that look pitifully and doe-eyed at you and ignite that little quiver in the lip at the same time.  The four year old wins that competition hands down. Not that I am wrapped around her little finger mind you.

I have fond and distant childhood memories of bunnies. Memories I would be only too happy to revive. Besides, having rabbits means building a rabbit hutch. I am a DIY man through and through and relish the idea of a little project such as a rabbit hutch construction.

4011905623368CI remember my dad making a well-constructed one for my sister and me. I have visions of constructing my own bunny mansion with several storeys, and clever joints and door mechanisms. It’s practically a rite of passage for a father.

Come to think of it, I might need to purchase a new tool for the job. Because an entire garage jam packed with every tool imaginable might just have something missing.

Having convinced myself, the next step was to sell the idea to the older boys.

Being a terrible negotiator – as mentioned previously – I battled for a while to decide on the correct words, and then figured a picture might do it. You know, appeal to their masculine builder/constructor side. No cute bunny pictures, I would need pictures of a supercool hutch.

I raced off to the nursery where I had recently seen some pretty cool hutches for sale – at prices that made my eyes water – and I returned that evening excited to show the boys the hutches I had merely ‘happened’ upon.

The almost 16 year old – we are not allowed to call him 15 – said immediately on viewing the pics “I also want a rabbit.” “If I get a white one can I dye it?”

The 13 year old jumped straight on board. “Oh cool! I want a black one, and we can help you build the hutch.

I must be getting better at negotiating. But then they were the easy candidates. Their mother would be the tough nut to crack.

So I mentioned to the boys that we had best break the news very softly and slowly. See it as a long term negotiation.  Their mom was going to need some subtle work and delicate bargaining finesse.

At the very least, we were five votes against one.

bunny 1Then again, any man will know that a relationship ballot means bugger all. There is only one vote that counts…

…the good news is that she didn’t say no ‘completely.’

Hopefully this blog will be followed by a second chapter.

For the record, I would be prepared to ditch the silkworm eggs the girls and I have been storing if the kids are allowed bunnies. I am holding that little ace till the bitter end.


2 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hutch Negotiations

  1. Rosemary says:

    You do realise that more than one bunny at a given time is likely to cause a population explosion?

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