Mind you don’t trip over your ego

attitudeConceit and confidence are neighbouring traits and both start with a cee. But the swagger says conceit, and so do the hardened eyes. There is never a good reason to have an inflated ego. Let alone flaunt one.

We all know the type. That dude in the gym with the backwards cap, massive pecs, and no calves. With the aggressive demeanour you might innocently assume comes from an overdose of roids. He lumbers around the gym like he owns it, and won’t use any equipment unless there are mirrors positioned to give himself at least three angles of his lift. The only thing bigger than his ego are the chorbs on his biceps.

And then there’s the snappily dressed hipster dude with his labelled clothing and chapeau, talking loudly into his white Samsung S4 about the new Mini Cooper he’s ordered, and the apartment he is buying with the view over the city. He knocked a good couple of kays off the price because he knows a Seeff brother. They do sushi regularly at that hip spot where all the waitresses know him by name because he throws money around as often as the girl in accounts throws her name away at the company functions.

ego_logo2The list goes on and on. Egos are everywhere. You might even have one. The guy who parks in the disabled parking bay, the queue jumper, or the woman who brags about her kids before she’s even asked.  The lady who can’t smile because of all that makeup and enough Botox to make Tommy Lee Jones look young again.

The professional athletes, politicians, successful bankers and trophy wives. The Lotharios, head prefects, models, and superstars. Too cool for school. Immortal in their own time. Self-elevated, loved by the image looking back at them in the mirror. But blindly ambitious.

Quite frankly I couldn’t care who you are. You don’t impress me with your egotistic narcissism. In fact, truth be told, I lose respect for you no matter your crowning achievement. The otherwise impressive accomplishments and acclaim you might deserve are lost to me the moment your ego rears its ugly head. There are few qualities I find as distasteful.

donald trumpYou’ve Trumped me, and that’s no compliment. No contest. I don’t want that accolade. Your swollen ego makes me lose interest in you faster than JZ distanced himself from the The Gupta Wedding.

Wars are fought over ego. Poverty is created by ego. The ills of our world invariably find a beginning in one ego or another.  From the megalomaniac right down to the man who sees his wife as an object.

This is what I know, every single person on this planet is better than someone else. The tea lady is better than the welder because she can write. The receptionist is better than the driver because she has computer skills, but he in turn is better than the gardener because he can drive.

In other words, if the standard for having an attitude is a level of ‘better-than-ness’ then we all deserve to stare haughtily, straight through the eyes of the minions who are somehow lesser beings than us.

Staring with eyes that look, but do not see. Eyes that fleetingly search for symbols of worthiness, icons of wealth and position. Finding none, they glaze over, or find a watch or a phone to look at instead.

Therefore, by that definition there is always someone on this planet who has a right to see you as a little person.

In my eyes, your value is based on how well you treat those who do not and can not benefit you, how well you treat those who are the ‘little people’ in your world. How humble and grateful you are for the gifts and successes you have been granted or have worked hard for. They can disappear literally overnight, and who knows, you might become reliant on those you chose to spurn today.

simoncowellOr, you’d better hope that those who are above you on the ladder, and who’s asses you’ve become so accustomed to, find you as valuable once you can no longer serve a purpose.

The people who have the ability to singularly impress me are those who by all standards might deserve an attitude, but don’t have one. Their successes and good looks haven’t changed them. Their wealth and position are not the attributes which define them.

They know WHO they are. And who they are, has nothing to do with WHAT they are. If you’re one of those people, I like you already.